Methods in Java


Methods are the block of code that performs a specific task. To declare a method, you must go outside the main method.

Things To Remember

  • Methods are also known as functions.
  • Method only runs when it is called.
  • We can create multiple methods and call multiple times.


  • We can reuse our code.
  • We can create different methods for different purposes.
  • It will reduce code duplication.
  • We can divide complex problems into multiple chunks.

How To Create A Method

We must create a method inside the class. We already have pre-build methods, and we can also create and use our methods. We will learn it later.


returnType myMethod() {
    // method body here
  • returnType Specifies the return type of the method. It can be void, int, float, boolean, or any other type. For example, if a method has a String return type, it returns a String value. If the method does not return a value, its return type is void.
  • myMethod() is the name of the method.
  • {} is starting and ending block of the method.

Example Of Method

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    static void printName() {
        System.out.println("Hi I am Rahul!");
Show Output
  • printName() is the name of the method.
  • static means that the method belongs to the Main class and not an object of the Main class. We will learn class and object later.
  • void means it does not have a return value. This method does not return a value, so its return type is void.
  • printName();. The main method is used to call a method. Method couldn’t run if we don’t call it.

Note: We can call methods multiple times.